Mayan Riviera Archaeology

Let yourself be amazed by the Mayan Riviera´s illustrious past.

The Mayan Riviera, located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, is one of the destinations par excellence to discover paradisiacal places. It is world famous for preserving much of what was the Mayan culture, throughout the Mayan Riviera there are endless archaeological sites of this impressive culture. In fact many archaeologists say that if they excavated in any untouched place it would find ruins or some indication of this great culture.

The Mayans were one of the largest and best organized civilizations of North and Central America, contributing many important discoveries to human kind. One of their contributions was their love for astrology and for them predictions with the stars were among the most important.

About 200 kilometers from Cancun, among the vast wilderness of the jungle, is one of the 7 wonders of the Modern World since 2007: the temple of Kukulkán, in the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Of the nearly 200 archaeological sites related to the Mayan culture in Mexico, it is the best known and most visited of all. In it you will find, among other things, the Sacred cenote, a circular natural pool of about 60m in diameter and a depth of about 15m where it is said that the Mayans made sacrifices, offerings and sacred rituals. It is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive cenotes of the Mayan Riviera.

The Archaeological Zone of Tulum on the Mayan Riviera is one of the most spectacular places as it offers a breathtaking view of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. The Archaeological Zone of Tulum is composed in total of 60 structures, the vast majority built between the twelfth to the fifteenth centuries and is the only Mayan city built next to the sea.

Cities, Temples and Ceremonial Centers are part of the structures that will amaze us in a tour where we can mention 10 archaeological sites that will leave you amazed by their splendor: Chichen Itza, Archaeological Zone of Tulum, Coba, Ruins of Xaman-Há, Xcaret, Uxmal, Palenque, Kohunlich, Archaeological Zone El Tajín, Ruins of San Miguelito and the Mayan Museum of Cancun and finally Dzibanché and Kinichná.

On your next visit do not forget to schedule excursions to these mythical places so that you are surprised by an ancient culture that still persists with the passage of time.

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