Adventure and Eco-tourism in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has natural scenery that impresses with its beauty, and a wide biodiversity in protected areas where you can connect with nature and enjoy wonderful landscapes. The ideal place for environmentalists, since few places in the world offer so much biodiversity. This mountainous area of the Sierra Madre, densely covered with vegetation, meets the blue waters of the Pacific and is home to a wealth of wildlife including one-meter iguanas, butterflies and more than 366 species of birds.

Its surroundings offer us numerous opportunities to admire the most beautiful aspects of nature such as waterfalls, rivers, estuaries and beaches; a good example of this is found in the Las Caletas area. The conservation of it´s ecological wealth demands the participation of all, locals and visitors alike. Yelapa and Majahuitas boast two of the most beautiful beaches in the country that are only reached by boat. Yelapa is a small town where you can take a walk in the jungle until you reach the impressive Cola de Caballo Waterfall.

You can take a tour in an inflatable boat that will take you to several beautiful beaches to practice snorkeling or kayaking, and later take you into the lush vegetation of the jungle to discover rivers and waterfalls either walking or horseback riding. The jungle cover is so large that in some places it blocks the sky completely, and caves and stones covered with ancient drawings are just some of the wonders you will see on these paths. All these natural environments are the perfect place for a zipline adventure that will give you the opportunity to observe this incredible world from a very unique perspective. The journey consists of sliding from platform to platform on cables that allow you to “fly” while observing the magnificent and wild world around you. There is training for beginners and advanced.

Puerto Vallarta with its extensive ecosystem will always be an excellent eco tourism option that you can enjoy as a couple, with family or with friends. Plan on your next vacation to discover these spectacular places and turn your trip into an unforgettable adventure.

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