A Taste of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for its unique landscapes and splendid beaches, and also it´s magnificent cuisine. In Puerto Vallarta you will find six of the ten best haute cuisine restaurants in Mexico and it is the headquarters of two renowned culinary festivals, the Restaurant Week, in May, and the Gourmet Festival. Due to its privileged geographical location in Banderas Bay, it merges the typical dishes of the sea with those of the mountains, creating the authentic culinary wealth of Puerto Vallarta. Dishes such as pescado embarazado, oysters in its shell, corn on the cob, ceviches, pescado zarandeado, scallops, are among those you can not miss on your next visit.

Below we will mention some typical dishes that you should try on your visit to Puerto Vallarta:

Ceviche: It is a very popular dish, which consists of marinated meat, usually fish, seafood or both, in citrus dressings.

Pescado Embarazado : One of the most representative dishes of Puerto Vallarta, its name is a deformation in Spanish of “pescado en vara asado”, meaning “fish grilled on a stick”. It consists of exquisite pieces of fish, usually cazón (dogfish) or marlin, slathered with lemon, grilled and seasoned with Huichol sauce. Sometimes the fish is replaced by shrimp.

Pozole de Camarón: It is a combination between traditional pozole and seafood. It is a tasty stew, made with dried shrimp, small shrimp, pozolero corn, ancho and guajillo chiles, and spices. It is accompanied with lettuce, onion, radishes, cream and lemons.

Pescado Zarandeado: The basis of this dish is snapper, a typical fish of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. It is split in half, spread with a sauce of different ingredients (in Puerto Vallarta Huichol sauce is usually used for marinating), and put on a press to roast and turned around and around. It is accompanied with white rice and tortillas, along with a spicy tomato sauce.

In addition, Puerto Vallarta has a wide variety of drinks. You can try the coconut water, the fresh waters of seasonal fruits; a succulent shrimp michelada, a very popular drink consisting of beer with clamato, shrimp juice, salt, lemon and a variety of sauces, which is garnished with cooked shrimp; or tuba, an exotic drink typical of the tropical region and which comes from coconut palm, is offered cold and mixed with apple and chopped walnut.

Make your next trip to Puerto Vallarta a culinary experience with the typical dishes of the area and the state, and let yourself be fascinated by their flavors.

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