Fishing Adventures in Los Cabos

Throughout the region of Los Cabos you will find excellent places to fish, a short boat trip will take you to the local fishing spots. Some of the highlights in the Pacific include the Golden Gate and San Jaime sandbars, as well as the area surrounding the Cabo Falso lighthouse, where marlins often abound in the winter and spring. Summer and autumn are the ideal seasons to fish in the warm waters of the Cortes Sea, where more specimens of striped marlin are caught 65 kilometers from the coast than anywhere else in the world.

Sport fishing is a world-class activity that takes place in the waters of Los Cabos. Fishermen from all over the world arrive looking to catch species such as blue marlin, striped marlin, dorado and roosterfish, during different tournaments held in Los Cabos such as Bisbee’s Black and Blue and the Billfish Tournament in October. The world-renowned Bisbee’s Black and Blue fishing tournament, which takes place in July,is one of the most popular events. In the fall, it´s the Los Cabos Billfish Tournaments. The Bisbee Tournaments are a set of three sport fishing tournaments held between August and October in Baja California Sur: “East Cape Offshore”, “Black and Blue” and “Los Cabos Offshore”. The “Black and Blue” tournament is the most famous.

Sport fishing in Los Cabos is an activity that lasts all year round, with different species that stand out for their abundant presence according to the season. Near Cabo San Lucas is the community of San José del Cabo, where you can visit the Marina Puerto Los Cabos and enjoy the good reputation of this region´s deep sea fishing. San Jose’s Cape is gaining fame for its monstrously sized fish. Being located within walking distance of the Gordo sandbar fishing area, this is a good starting point. Although Gordo is sufficiently removed from the coast, the two sandbanks that compose it (interior and exterior) are relatively close, about 15 kms from San José del Cabo and 40 kms from Cabo San Lucas.

Good fishing also abounds near these shores, on the coast. At lower depths you can find serviolas, snappers, groupers, bonitos, sawfish and other species. From the shore, where the sea meets the estuary, you can catch succulent snook.

Whether you first visit these waters in winter or return during summer, you will always have an extraordinary experience. Whether you’re a novice or professional, or come with friends or family, this Pacific region has something for everyone. For fanatics, there are also amazing packages with private deep sea fishing trips, aboard boats equipped with all the necessary equipment to live this experience to the fullest and enjoy the tranquility of the sea. There are excellent service providers with professional equipment for all budgets and experience levels. On your next visit you should plan to give yourself the opportunity to live this great experience within your tourist activities.

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