Sailing in Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta gives us the opportunity to sail on a luxurious boat, cross the turquoise waters of Banderas Bay and admire the beaches where you can stop to rest, or stop for a swim and relax accompanied by delicious food and drink. The sunset walks are truly breathtaking, marvel at the dazzling reddish sunsets that blend in with the blue of the Pacific Ocean at the end of the day. Beauty and fun come together in this maritime adventure, making it an unforgettable experience.

Nuevo Vallarta is known as a destination made for lovers of sailing, because it has two of the most important marinas in the country, with a capacity for about 500 boats: Marina Nuevo Vallarta and Marina Paradise Village provide beautiful views for those who walk along its docks. Along Banderas Bay, there are five impressive and sophisticated marinas that offer premier services and amenities, as well as direct access to the most interesting activities and attractions of the region. It has two specialized shipyards, and yacht clubs for both experts and fans.

Sailing is always a unique experience with which you can be inspired by the sea breeze aboard a sailboat or see the best sunsets in a romantic moment. Nothing like enjoying an excursion by yacht with your friends and family to be able to delight in beautiful landscape views and enjoy the calm of the sea, any plan is perfect to raise anchors and sail the seas. Once at sea, you could enjoy the incomparable company of turtles and dolphins that will be accompany you on your navigation. Nothing like taking a dip in the water to relax, swim or snorkel or paddleboard in the refreshing waters of the sea and enjoy the vibrant colors and spectacular shapes of the fascinating underwater life, it is common to be able to see agile manta rays jumping or the fun games of dolphins and turtles hopefully you will get to see a whale during the sighting season.

In Nuevo Vallarta there are several brokers and companies dedicated to renting boats. If you are not yet a sea wolf, there is also the possibility of visiting the seas on a tour or learning to sail in one of the sailing schools that exist in the Bay of Banderas.

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