Discover the majestic Gran Desierto de Altar and El Pinacate

Puerto Peñasco is one of the best gateways to explore and discover El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar, and is considered one of the must-visit regions of Mexico because it is immersed within the Sonoran Desert, a desert with a tropical-subtropical climatic and a rainfall cycle that permits great biological richness. In it you will encounter the natural and cultural side of the Sonoran desert, considered of universal value since it is a Natural Heritage of Humanity and Biosphere Reserve. It is a magical place of desolate beauty, with a unique flora and fauna and remarkable geological features.

It is the largest active dune field in North America and features the unusual star-shaped dunes. Found in the area is a spectacular shield volcano, where there are lava flows and impressive giant craters. In the area you can find more than 540 species of vascular plants, 40 species of mammals, 200 of birds, 40 of reptiles, in addition to also finding amphibians and freshwater fish.

Visit and let yourself be amazed by the exuberant beauty of its geological formations, the incredible biological richness and the beautiful landscapes that it gives us. You will appreciate the famous dunes that reach up to 200 meters high, after a walk of about 5 kilometers you can find the Visitor Center of the Pinacate Schuk Toak, museum that has valuable information to understand the importance of having this Natural Heritage on Sonoran territory.

Give yourself the opportunity to take a walk and admire the flora since the reserve is inhabited by the tallest cacti on the planet, there are sahuaros 20 meters high with roots of 30 meters. They weigh 10 tons after absorbing more than nine thousand liters of rainwater. They can live as long as 200 years. On the walk you can also discover petroglyphs left by the first ethnic groups that inhabited North America, 40 thousand years ago. The Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar contain a vast collection of archaeological remains dating back more than 20,000 years; it is an important cultural site for the Tohono O’odham who consider that the origin of their creation was in the Pico Pinacate and where they still perform sacred ceremonies.

Make this adventure unforgettable, enjoy the history of the place and let yourself be surprised by its majesty. On your next visit to Puerto Peñasco do not forget to consult a guided tour of this place, which you will never forget.

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