The Boardwalk of Puerto Peñasco

Take a walk along the boardwalk of Puerto Peñasco.

The boardwalk is 450 meters long and has become the traditional meeting point of visitors to Puerto Peñasco.
You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Sea of Cortez and while you walk you will have the option to visit the different restaurants and bars that are in the area, take in the sounds of live music, or buy regional Mexican crafts from the nearby stalls.

For those who enjoy natural landscapes, sitting down to watch the sunset is a unique experience because it is almost impossible to know what colors the sky will become and depending on the season, from the boardwalk it is possible to observe the huge fishing boats that have been coming and going from the port for more than 80 years.

For decades fishing was the main economic activity of Puerto Peñasco which is why in the heart of the boardwalk, to honor the first inhabitants of the city, a symbolic statue was built that bears the name “The Monument to the Fisherman” and is part of a set of structures found in various ports of Mexico remembering the history of each place.

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