Los Cabos – Culinary Destination

The geographical location of Los Cabos, its waters, desert, coast, mountains and even it´s climate, result in an infinity of ancestral ingredients that have been reinvented over the years to delight and surprise the palates of its visitors. Let yourself be amazed with special gastronomic creations that have helped forge the many cultures that have found their home in Los Cabos. With an impressive list of award-winning restaurants, menus designed by renowned chefs and a unique and relaxed luxurious atmosphere, Los Cabos is a culinary destination at the top of travel lists.

The cuisine in Los Cabos is deeply rooted in tradition, and there is no better way to discover the plants, ingredients, rituals and people who continue these ancient practices by fusing it with modern cuisine and other cultures to create a unique flavor of the place. The cuisine of Los Cabos offers authentic Mexican cuisine based on delicious local seafood.

Among the gastronomic delicacies of Los Cabos are the succulent chocolate clams roasted in their shell or tatemadas (the clams are cooked buried in a stone bed covered by romerillo, shrub of the region that when consumed, indicates the term of the dish), the fish tacos or overflowing shrimp that are a delight to the palate, like the famous Smoked Marlin. Other delicacies are the different stews prepared with lobster, abalone and shrimp. The cuisine of this region mixes a great variety of flavors whose combinations can be tasted in the Machaca de Pescado or Mantarraya, the Stuffed Crab or the Chilorio de Abalón or Squid, which is made with the meat of these molluscs seasoned with pasilla chile, garlic, oregano, cumin, coriander seeds, salt and pepper, and is cooked in water with butter.

On your next visit do not forget to discover this destination through its local cuisine, outstanding for the great variety of sea foods, and take yourself on a captivating journey of delicious flavors. The gastronomic experience allows us to know a destination from another point of view, creating unforgettable and pleasant memories full of flavors, smells and ingredients indigenous to the country visited, and Mexico is no exception.

Los Cabos is undoubtedly a destination with a lot of potential and experiences to offer in terms of gastronomy and good food and if we add to that beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, nightlife and cuisine that combine the flavors of the sea and land are undoubtedly important elements when deciding which place to schedule to visit on your next vacation. Being a destination surrounded by desert and located between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, the gastronomy of Los Cabos will surprise lovers of flavor with a variety of seafood, cuts, vegetables and fresh fruits that with the right preparation will become a sensory journey without equal. Do not wait any longer and come and enjoy this culinary festival that you can only find in each of its dishes.

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